Importance of Website Auditing Service

Website Auditing Service Can Improve Your ROI, Security and Visibility Websites are an extremely powerful branding and marketing component of modern businesses. It can develop new leads, share fresh content, convert one-time customers into loyal followers, and increase

Holiday Marketing Strategy and Planning

Is your local small business ready for the holiday season? It is expected for 2017 holiday sales to spike dramatically compared to last year. It is little late to make a big impact if you just woke up and decide to take part of this upcoming online shopping frenzy. That said you

How Facebook Helps Grow Your Business

As a business owner adding one more thing to the endless to do lists may sound overwhelming, however if managed properly a presence on Facebook can have a great payoff.  A Facebook page for business is a free and ea

Google Favoring Mobile Sites in its Mobile Search Results

Google has been advocating the use of mobile-friendly website design for years, and the company has been rewarding responsive websites optimized to display on a variety of screen sizes with higher rankings in its search engine results. In short Google will boost the ranking of mobile-friendly web

Reviewing Website Application Failure

With no real technical information furnished by President Obama when he spoke earlier this week, we have decided to research possible reasons that the website for the Affordable Care Act's federally-sponsored insurance exc

The Mobile Dilemma: Mobile Website or Mobile App?

As more people adopt smartphones and purchase tablets it is important to be able to present your brand on those formats. According to