Website Auditing

Why You Need to Audit your Website

Not all websites are created equal. Some websites have been up for years unchanged; some use content management systems that do not accommodate good SEO practices; some are built by designers who do not have the background in site architecture that boosts the visitor experience. In summary this is why you need a website audit:

  • Designers usually do not accommodate good SEO practices
  • A website analysis allows you to get a professional health check on your website
  • Our website audit report will provide you an action plan to remedy issues found during our analysis
  • We provide customized maintenance programs to fit your specific needs

What is a Website Audit

custom website audit by eLab Communications is a full review of your website's effectiveness. Our process starts with an intake discussion to review your website goals, SEO history, competitor reviews, and a summary of how you'd like your website to better perform.

Website audit service involve:

  • Full, customized website review – not a cookie-cutter template approach
  • Site architecture analysis and recommendations
  • Indexing, 404's (Page Not Found), 301's (Page Moved Permanently) and other technical reviews
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) overview
  • Specific content management system analysis
  • Web design recommendations

Our Process

Set a Goal

Comprehensive discussion to review your website goals, SEO history, competitor reviews, and a summary of how you would like to improve your website performance.

User Experience Audit

Review your website or application in detail, noting how a first-time visitor experiences your website – the positives, the negatives, and everything in between.

SEO & Technical Audit

A diagnostic look "under the hood" of your site programming and performance to get a complete overview of your online presence.


Follow-up discussion to walk through findings and recommended action plan.


 Audit Your Website and Improve It!

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