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Repair Damaged Photos with Professional Restoration!

eLab Communications recognizes the significance of your cherished family photographs and businesses with a legacy. We employ cutting-edge photo restoration methods to revive the colors, clarity and vitality of your images.

Our photo restoration and colorization services will:

  • Sharpen and remove noise from your photos
  • Increase the resolution of your photos
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Restore the colors in faded color photos
  • Swap heads and retouch faces
  • Repair out-of-focus faces

Take the first step today and safeguard your family's cherished recollections or company’s identity today!

Photo Restoration Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My photos are grainy. Can I restore its clarity?

Our team of photo restoration experts can take your grainy unclear photos and recreate a sharp and clean digital photo that can live forever in a digital format ready for on-demand print.

2. Do you offer wedding photo repair service?

Every picture is worth saving! Our photo restoration artists always make people feel like their wedding photos were taken yesterday. 

3. How do I send you my photos for restoration?

You can either drop off your photos at our studio or upload them through our secure online portal. We accept digital scans and prints.

4. What types of personal photos can you restore?

We can restore a wide range of personal photos including old family portraits, wedding photos, vacation pictures, childhood memories, and much more.

5. What types of business photos can you restore?

We can restore a wide range of business photos including corporate headshots, marketing materials, product images, and more.

6. How long does it take to restore a photo?

The restoration time varies depending on the extent of damage, but we typically complete most projects within 5-7 business days.

7. Do you offer expedited restoration services?

Yes, we offer expedited restoration services that require a quick turnaround time. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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