Importance of Website Auditing Service

Importance of Website Auditing Service

Website Auditing Service Can Improve Your ROI, Security and Visibility

Websites are an extremely powerful branding and marketing component of modern businesses. It can develop new leads, share fresh content, convert one-time customers into loyal followers, and increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing tactics.

When websites stop functioning well or yielding desirable results, a website auditing service can come in handy and critical to your digital footprint. The same applies when you are ready to redesign your outdated website.

What is Website Auditing

Website auditing examines various characteristics of a website or ecommerce store to determine how effectively it works and in turn identify the web maintenance needed to improve your web presence and customers' browsing journey.

Who Needs Website Auditing

If your business has a website, then there's a good chance that it could benefit from a site audit.

This fact stands regardless if your business deals with less than ten customers a day or millions each month. An audit can spot problems that can increase your conversion rates substantially and make your website even easier to find and browse.

If your website has been audited before but you're seeing a drop in conversion rates or your ROI, then now is the perfect time to have a comprehensive website audit performed. What may have been an effective solution with your last audit may no longer be enough to acquire the same outstanding results.

Site Audit Checks The Following:

Content Effectiveness

Auditors examine how well your content reads, the complexity of your wording, and how well it is partitioned for optimal reading.

Design/Web Layouts

The usability of a website will be examined across multiple devices. Mobile device users, a demographic often ignored by businesses, need to be able to access a website given their heightened tendency to convert.

Colors and Brand Elements

The presence of the right colors and other brand elements makes it significantly easier for visitors to trust your website and to grow to like your brand. These elements will be checked for their prominence and effectiveness.

Website Taxonomy

A poor website structure can lead to visitors becoming confused while trying to find the content that they desire. Meta tags, how structured content is, and how effective interlinked pages are will be evaluated.

CMS Software Inspection

CMS systems and their plugins can enhance the functionality of a website, but they can also put both your business and your customers at risk when they become outdated. Audits will inspect CMS software and any plugins for security risks and shelf life.

Off-Site Visibility

Search engines, social networks and other third-party websites can result in a large influx of referral traffic. Without the right visibility on these websites, your website may be missing opportunities for new customers.

SEO Efficiency

Determining how well your website naturally ranks in search engines can be done with a site audit. Keyword density, competition, domain authority and other factors that can influence your site's performance in search engines and within search results will be measured.

What Do You Do When Your Website Needs an Audit

When you realize that your website, ecommerce store or web application could benefit from an auditing service, the first step is to seek a reliable website auditing service that can produce a series of reports detailing your website health status along recommendations to improve it.

To speak with an auditing specialist and discuss your website needs, call 888.624.8321. 

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