How to Choose a Web Designer

How to Choose a Web Designer

In today’s economy very few people will argue against the need to have an online presence to survive and grow a business. To do that a business needs a website, and not just any website; it should be engaging, informative, usable and mobile-friendly. Creating that website means finding a web designer who can turn your vision into reality. Now comes the tricky part: how to select the right designer.

The following tips can help businesses make the best decision.

1. A Website is a Business Investment Not a Work of Art

When choosing a web designer, it is important to remember that almost any experienced designer can make a “clean” “pretty” or “sleek” website. However, not all designers understand that a website is more than a visually appealing product; it is first and foremost a business marketing tool.

2. Return on Investment (ROI) and Measurable Results are Not Optional

It is important to look for a designer who understands understands ROI and utilize analytics tools, like Google Analytics.

3. Looks Do Matter

While you might not want to judge a book by its cover, you can judge a designer by their own websites. The designer's own website is also a good indication. Asking for references, reviews and a portfolio is a great way to get to know your designer's skills and quality.

4. Mobile Friendly

It is important to work with a design firm that can and has developed websites compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Responsive websites are a must so you don't lose mobile visitors which accounts to more than half of your web traffic.

5. Quality Content

Many websites projects don't go live on time due to the lack of content. It is important that you either have your content ready on time or be able to outsource content writing from the get go so you can have quality content on your website.   

6. On Going Support

Once your website is built you conclude the first phase of your digital presence. It is desirable to work with a designer or marketing firm that can help you grow your web presence and increase your visibility. Search engine optimization and content marketing are a must for a successful web presence.

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