How Facebook Helps Grow Your Business

How Facebook Helps Grow Your Business

As a business owner adding one more thing to the endless to do lists may sound overwhelming, however if managed properly a presence on Facebook can have a great payoff.  A Facebook page for business is a free and easy way to reach potential customers. As soon as you create a page you can share it with your email contacts and Facebook friends to start getting the word out about your business.  Once it is active you can start sharing your current blog posts, press releases, and other marketing material at no cost. Your business page also includes easy to follow data in the tab called insights to help you see what posts are attracting the most attention and how many people you are reaching with your social media campaign.

While Facebook may have started as a social network for college students it now has a global and multi generational reach. There are currently 1.1 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 665 million daily active users.  What does that mean for a business? It means that if you are not on Facebook you are missing an opportunity to promote your business on a platform many use every day. If you are running advertising campaigns you want to be advertising on the mediums that your customers are using. The bottom line according to David Jakubowski, CEO of Aggregate Knowledge, “is that ad campaigns with a Facebook presence in its midst sell about 24 percent more products that those without. The answer to why is that it generates more customer exposure than just about any other medium you can find. In fact, we see campaigns that don't market with Facebook are actually missing out.”

To help you further promote your presence on Facebook you can easily run advertising campaigns directly through your Facebook account.  You can simply select to promote your page and set a certain dollar amount you want to spend each day on ads and you are ready to go. Once you run an ad campaign you will have access to analytics to see how your campaign is performing and where you might need some improvement.

Facebook advertising is undergoing some changes that simplify their product offerings and pair all adds with a social context. What is a social context and why should you care? It means that when your ad shows up on a potential customers news feed it also includes any of their friends who already like your page, letting them know that other people in their networks like your company or brand. The change is being made because Facebook has seen that ads with a social context perform better than without one which helps you, as a business, better connect with your potential clients.

Once you start using Facebook for your business, it can become an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing plan. If you are interested in using social media but are not sure where to start call eLab Communications today at (831) 375-7600 to learn how we can help.

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