Battery Charger Replacement Tips

Battery Charger Replacement Tips

As we rely more on technology devices to manage our daily lives and business operations, the need for power source to charge and recharge our devices grow. Power banks are great options for charging small to medium devices and are available in various capacities.

Laptop users depend on a regular chargers and usually face confusion when a backup charger for home or office is needed or when the factory charger simply dies and you're ready for a replacement.

Many questions pop out by our team at eLab Communications, friends and family and usually go around:

  • Do I need to buy the same genuine charger?
  • Can I use a charger that provides same voltage but with different amperage?

The Truth of Voltage and Amperage

The Voltage

Voltage is the power pushed by the power supply. The voltage output is critical and must match your new charger. 
For example if you are using a charger with 20V output, look for a replacement device with matching voltage.

Why Match

By using different voltages, you risk shortening the lifespan of your batteries and your device.



Amperage is the power pulled by your device while being charged and used. So your device chooses how much amperage is needed based on what you're doing.

The Cool Part

For example if you are using a charger with 4.5A output, you can buy any charger with 4.5A and above like 6A. We recommend higher amperage to ensure cooler power supply and optimal charge time. If you get a charger with amperage less than your original power supply, you risk overheating your charger, burning it and in many case your device will stop functioning and/or charging.


Input Voltage

US input voltage is 110V and most overseas voltage is 220v. We recommend that you get a power adapter that can handle 100-240V to gain flexibility and provide best charging options. Most contemporary chargers already offer that but beware of cheap knockoffs that only provide one input type.



  • Make sure your new charger voltage matches your original power supply
  • Get a charger that offers the same amperage or more

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