Automobilia Collectors Expo: A New Chapter in Automotive Celebration

Automobilia Collectors Expo: A New Chapter in Automotive Celebration

Revving Up Tradition: The Inaugural Automobilia Collectors Expo

In the wake of the closure of Automobilia Monterey, an event cherished for its unique contribution to the world of automotive collectibles for nearly two decades, a new era dawns with the introduction of the Automobilia Collectors Expo. This forward-thinking expo is set to carry the legacy on, offering a rejuvenated platform for collectors and enthusiasts to revel in the world of automotive memorabilia.

Founded by Ben Horton and Will Elkadi, two prominent figures in the automotive collectibles realm, the Automobilia Collectors Expo is set to transform the traditional expo format.

Ben Horton, with over 30 years of experience in prestigious car-related events globally, such as Retromobile Paris, Goodwood Revival, and the British Grand Prix, brings his unmatched expertise in the automotive world. As the driving force behind Hortons Books, Ben is a leading authority in automotive literature, curating an unmatched collection that serves collectors and enthusiasts alike. His role as an advisor to the world’s most esteemed motoring libraries and his positions on the judging panels of the International Historic Motoring Awards and the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Book of the Year Award underscore his profound influence on automotive culture. Horton's dedication to automotive history not only brings a layer of authenticity to the Automobilia Collectors Expo but also deeply enriches its cultural significance.

Will Elkadi, known for his instrumental role in creating the #1 resource guide for Monterey Car Week and co-founding the Hammer Down Automobilia Auction, brings over 25 years of extensive experience in public relations, digital publication, and event production within the automotive and hospitality industries. His efforts have significantly raised the profile of automotive events, especially during Monterey Car Week, ensuring the expo's prominence and success on a global scale.

"In the spirit of innovation and community, we're thrilled to present the Automobilia Collectors Expo," Elkadi shared. "Inspired by the heritage of Automobilia Monterey, our goal is to enhance the experience for our vendors and attendees, making our expo a cornerstone event for the automotive collector community."

The expo is poised to offer a unique experience. Plans for a car display and an exclusive VIP networking event will ensure the tradition of connecting passionate collectors continues in a vibrant and engaging setting. "Our aim is to create an environment that not only showcases the finest in automotive collectibles but also fosters meaningful connections within the community," Horton added.

With Horton's global experience and Elkadi's local insights, the duo brings a unique blend of perspectives to the expo. "Our deep-rooted connections in the automotive world and extensive network allow us to create an event that truly resonates with enthusiasts and collectors," Elkadi emphasized.

As the Automobilia Collectors Expo gears up for its debut, the founders extend a warm invitation to last year’s participants and new faces to join them in this exciting new chapter. The expo stands as a testament to the enduring passion for automotive culture and the collective desire to keep the spirit of automotive collectibles alive and thriving.

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