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eLab Communications' certified trainers are always available to share our knowledge and expertise. We educate our clients on technology solutions that offer business advantages and train you on the best ways to use these services. Our hands-on training programs cover a range of digital topics.

We offer group training sessions, one-on-one training, and brown bag lunch trainings at our Monterey, Carmel, Salinas and Pacific Grove facilities. On-demand webinars are also available.

Don't see a particular topic or have a specific interest or need? Call us at 831-375-7600 or 888-624-8321.

Learning Topics (updated monthly)

* New! We're limiting each class to 4 attendees for a more personalized experience.
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Social Media Marketing: Overview Training

Do you Twitter? Facebook? YouTube? Yelp? Instagram? Any company can benefit from our social media training, offered in a lively and fun environment. Our most popular course will assist you in determining which social media sites to focus on and work with.

Duration: 60 minutes

Search Engine Optimization Workshop

Want to learn how to improve your SEO? Our search engine optimization course starts by providing you with free SEO tools and continues in a logical sequence to cover keywords, page tags, link-building and beyond.

Duration: 60 minutes


Improving Email Efficiency at Work

Learn expert strategies on managing email in your workplace, such as how to write emails professionally, how to craft effective subject lines, what is email etiquette, and how to organize your email inbox.

Duration: 60 minutes


Facebook Pages: Strategy for Better Engagement

Want to learn more about Facebook Pages advanced tools and set a successful strategy? This hands-on class will cover page posting strategy to engage with your Facebook followers, and teach you how to utilize useful features. You will learn how to change post dates, upload multiple photos, pin a post on top of your page, schedule automatic posts, and more... We will also cover the basics of Facebook Pages Analytics.

Duration: 60 minutes


Photoshop Basics

Are you responsible for updating your company's website or newsletter?
This intro to Photoshop hands-on workshop will teach you basic skills on the use of the most popular image editing software. In this fun class we will cover Photoshop's tools and UI "user interface", how to work with layers, cropping and cloning tools. You are guaranteed to walk away with the knowledge to start editing and saving optimized images for your website and newsletter use.

Duration: 60 minutes



We can work closely with you to design a training program specific to your organization and your team. Based on your needs and our availability, we can deliver anything from an on-site crash course to a complete webinar program:

Workshops - Great for generating action-oriented decisions, our workshops are educational, hands-on and fun.

Training Consultancy - We'll provide a mixture of consultancy and knowledge sharing to kick off or complete any project.

Internal Events & Seminars - We'll lead a discussion or presentation, matching a customer experience, user research or marketing strategy expert to get your teams updated and motivated.

Master Classes - Conducted over a specific period of time, master classes provide a comprehensive, in-depth view of all you need to know on a specific digital topic.

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