Pinterest Marketing and Setup

Pinterest Marketing and Setup Services

Pinterest is a site for sharing eye catching images, organized around themes on virtual pinboards or bulletin boards. Pinners share everything from fashion to recipes to home decor ideas.

With almost 50 million users now on Pinterest, its high growth rates have made it one of the big four social media sites along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share your companies beautiful products, locations, or even favorite recipes.

Our Pinterest services offer measurable and quantifiable results.

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Our services include:

  • Customized Pinterest profile page
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Help showcasing your best products and services
  • Train your team on best practices

Why Choose eLab for Your Social Media Needs?


Incremental lift doesn't excite us; we strive to help our clients jump 10 steps ahead of the competition.


Our intricate involvement with social advertising tools keeps us ahead of the curve on the industry's constant updates and releases.


We're social natives with years of experience blending our clients' business goals with today's plethora of platforms.


We know when and where to leverage your other channels to maximize your marketing potential.

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