Digital Marketing Trends To Dominate 2017

Digital Marketing Trends To Dominate 2017

Hot 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Businesses that want to stay relevant and focused should always be aware of the latest digital marketing trends. Online marketing trends come and go quickly. If you blink, you can often miss them. 2017 digital marketing trends are all over the place. They include everything from augmented reality and video content marketing to marketing automation and beyond. An understanding of these trends can be critical for digital marketing success in the coming months.

1. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is going to be a major force in 2017. This marketing approach is appropriate for social media fans who are passionate about fast and instant content. Live video streams are going to be popping up on platforms and applications everywhere in 2017.

2. Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is largely responsible for the increasing popularity of augmented reality. Thanks to the famed app, the world is now 100 percent ready to take on more thrilling augmented reality journeys of all varieties. Augmented reality advertisements and games will be showing up everywhere in no time.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is going to be taking over the world in 2017. This trend covers relevant subjects such as web personalization, behavioral email marketing and CRM (customer relationship management). Businesses all around the world are going to be searching feverishly for techniques that can help enhance their automation and understand their customer's online journey.

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major part of digital marketing and things don't appear to be slowing down for the technique any time soon. Organic searches are going to be a substantial component of the online marketing realm in 2017. Mobile marketing SEO practices are going to be especially significant as 60% of web searches are done on mobile devices.

5. Online Public Relations

Online PR is yet another biggie for 2017. This digital marketing focus covers many vital topics. Examples of these topics are social media management, SEO and content marketing. It also covers influencer outreach. Influencer outreach can lead to many positives for marketers. It has the ability to improve link building practices. It can even help develop relationships better. Influencer outreach, last but not least, is capable of promoting content efficiently, effectively and fast.

6. Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is going to shine brightly in 2017. Video content is going to be a focal point for marketers everywhere. It's a strong way for marketers to communicate specific messages. It's a good storytelling option as well. Video content marketing can boost awareness for brands. Video clips can be compelling, engaging and fascinating. They, as a result, can help attract members of designated target audiences. Short films are going to be a sensation on the Internet in 2017. That's proof of the immense power of video content marketing.

7. Mobile First

Mobile First is a concept that's exactly what it sounds like. It involves creating an online journey that prioritizes mobile devices over desktop devices. Mobile design used to be lower on the totem pole. Things have totally changed since that time, however. Designers everywhere are concentrating heavily on mobile design. The emphasis on desktop design is nowhere near as strong as it used to be.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is going to be making waves in 2017. Chatbots and similar offerings are going to be gaining significant traction throughout the year. Chatbots, in short, are programs that can hold "conversations" using textual and auditory methods. People won't be able to ignore chatbots and artificial intelligence in general in 2017.

9. Content Creation

Content creation has been going strong in the digital marketing world for many years now. It's only going to become even more powerful in 2017. Fresh and updated content is going to be more relevant and critical than ever before. This is an area that no business should ignore.

10. Big Data

Big data practices are practically impossible to ignore nowadays. If you want to be aware of the biggest online marketing trends for 2017, you should focus on big data, predictive analytics and market insight.

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